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Mauao Mauao

Top tips

We aim to process every consent application as efficiently as possible.

Here are a few things you can do to help us process yours quickly:

  1. Talk to our Duty Planner or Consents Team before submitting your application; they may be able to offer some advice that will save time.
  2. For larger scale activity applications, consider having a pre-application meeting with our staff including Consents Team and technical experts.
  3. Consider hiring a consultant to prepare your application for you.
  4. Ensure your proposal is consistent with the objectives and policies in the Regional Policy Statement and relevant regional plans.
  5. Include a complete assessment of the environmental and cultural effects with your application. This may involve engaging with technical experts and tangata whenua.
  6. Obtain written approvals from potential affected parties, including tangata whenua. 
  7. Let us know if you have time constraints or deadlines.