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Introduction to resource consents

A resource consent is a permit for an activity that might affect the environment, and isn’t classed as a permitted activity under a regional or district plan.

Resource consents help sustainably manage and protect the natural environment and resources of our beautiful region. The purpose of a resource consent is to put controls around activities that might have an effect on the environment.

There are five main activity types when it comes to resource consents:

Types of resource consent


Responsible authority

Land use consent

Major earthworks

Regional Council

Constructing a building close to your neighbour

City/District Council

Water consent

Taking water for irrigation

Regional Council

Discharge consent

Discharging stormwater into a water body

Regional Council

Coastal consent

Building a wharf on the coast below the mean high-water springs mark

Regional Council

Subdivision consent

Dividing the property into two or more new titles

City/District Council

Legislation, plans and policies

A resource consent must meet the requirements of: