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Onekawa Te Mawhai Regional Park Onekawa Te Mawhai Regional Park

Regional plans

Regional plans manage the natural and physical resources of the Bay of Plenty. The purpose of a regional plan is to set out how resources should be managed, including rules and regulations for their use. 

In September 2017 Bay of Plenty Regional Council introduced a new plan called the Regional Natural Resources Plan (RNRP). The RNRP is the new home of the Regional Water and Land Plan (RWLP). The RNRP will eventually incorporate all the following stand alone plans:

  • On-site Effluent Treatment Regional Plan.
  • Regional Air Plan.
  • Regional River Gravel Management Plan.
  • Regional Water and Land Plan.
  • Rotorua Geothermal Regional Plan.
  • Tarawera River Catchment Plan.