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Rule 7 of the Bay of Plenty Regional Pest Management Plan 2020 – 2030 requires all occupiers of vessels or craft using a boat ramp with a self-certification checkpoint must complete a self-certification form.

Before launching, the self-certification form must either be submitted electronically or displayed in the vehicle used to launch the vessel or craft to certify that:

  1. The vessel is clear of freshwater pests (including plant fragments) and any pests and fragments removed at the boat ramp were disposed of using bins if bins are provided
  2. Any water on the vessel (including ballast, bilge and water in the anchor bay) was drained before the vessel was launched and this draining process was undertaken as far away from the lake as possible.

Please complete the self-certification form below as evidence that your vessel or craft complies.

For more information, read about how to Check, Clean, Dry