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Rates remissions

Rates remissions

A rates remission is a discount on the rates you owe – your rates may be partially reduced or waived, depending on the type of remission. 

On 26 June 2024, Regional Council adopted two new Rates Remissions and Postponement policies:

Types of remissions

Rates Remissions and Postponement Policy – All Land

  • All Land - Contiguous properties treated as one unit
    From 1 July 2024, only rating units that meet all of the legislated criteria as per section 20 and 20A of the Local Government Rating Act, will be treated as one rating unit.
  • All Land - Transition to new policies
    To phase in the impact of higher rates, due to a loss of remissions, to be applied evenly over two years. Half the rate increase will be applied from 1 July 2024, and the full increase applied from 1 July 2025.
  • All Land - Priority Biodiversity Sites
    Recognising and encouraging active management and protection of Priority Biodiversity Sites that have been identified by Council.
  • All Land - Incentives to establish native forests or wetlands on newly retired pastural land.
    Encouraging the establishment of native forests or wetlands on pastural land retired after 30 June 2024.
  • All Land - Community, sporting, and not-for-profit organisations
    Supporting not-for-profit organisations, that provide sports, arts, or community facilities or services that benefit the public.
  • All Land - Financial hardship 
    Providing assistance to ratepayers who are experiencing financial hardship that affects their ability to pay rates.
  • All land - Environmental and Sustainable Home Loan Repayment Scheme remission
    To provide relief for low-income ratepayers required to convert to a clean heat source and/or install insulation, ratepayers are eligible for remission if they receive a rates rebate from their local council. Eligibility is reviewed annually.
  • All Land - Forestry and bush remission
    To acknowledge the reduced impact of exotic forestry, indigenous vegetation, and wetlands on nutrient discharges to water, this remission applies to rating units of 10 hectares or more in areas that meet the specified criteria
  • All Land – Edgecumbe Urban River Scheme remission
    Offering rates relief for undeveloped properties in commercial urban areas (targeted U1 category) and residential urban properties (targeted U2 category) with large land areas. To ensure rates are similar to comparable rating units in the Rangitaiki-Tarawera Rivers scheme
  • All Land - Rates penalty remission
    Rate penalties may be remitted if the ratepayer meets any of the criteria outlined in the policy. However, remission will only occur once full payment has been made.
  • All Land - Remission of rates for Queen Elizabeth II National Trust Open Space Covenants
    Provide rating relief on land or portion of land that has a QEII Open Space Covenant registered on the record of title.
  • All Land - Miscellaneous circumstance remission
    To allow for rates remission in cases where unforeseen extraordinary or exceptional circumstances make it equitable to do so.
  • All land - Remission of rates on land that is used for Māori cultural purposes
    Recognising land in general ownership but may have special significance to Māori and is used for traditional, cultural purposes, or is subject to waahi tapu that makes development for economic or housing undesirable.

Rates Remissions and Postponement Policy – Māori Freehold Land

  • Definition of Māori Freehold Land for the policy
    A broad remission policy that recognises different categories of Māori land and land owned by Māori, where there may be cultural considerations, preservation of the natural character, or where there are barriers to development or use of the land. 
  • MFL being developed for economic use
    To support the development and utilisation of Māori Land. Enabling growth opportunities that will provide long term benefits to owners, the wider community and the region.
  • MFL being developed for papakāinga or other housing or accommodation
    To support facilitating the occupation and utilisation of Māori land in the development of papakainga or other housing/accommodation.

Applications for all remissions for the 2024/25 financial year will be accepted until 31 July 2024 with forms for all remissions categories available on the website.   

Māori Freehold Land is eligible for rates remissions under both policies, subject to meeting the criteria in each.

Whenua Māori Rates Remission Eligibility tool

Use our eligibility tool below to help identify if your whenua or land block qualifies for a remission. Restart the questionnaire anytime by clicking/tapping on "START AGAIN".

I have recently taken over ownership / succeeded the land
I am an owner/ shareholder of a Māori Land block
I am a Trustee of a Māori land block
I am not an owner, shareholder or trustee, but I want to do something with a Māori land block
Recommended next step:

Please visit the Māori Land Court.