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Salvinia Salvinia


The Exclusion programme covers pests that are not currently known to be in our region or parts of the region. The objective is to prevent the pest from establishing.

Council conducts surveillance in places that are vulnerable to invasion and will take control of eradication should any exclusion pests be found in the region.

Management Regime for the exclusion programme

Requirement to act  -  refer to the full Regional Pest Management Plan for specific rules that apply to this programme

Although Council will lead management of exclusion programme pests, occupiers are required to support a control operation.

The authorised person shall determine which reasonable steps are most appropriate to remove the target pest(s), taking into account pest management cost to occupiers and their capability to undertake pest management action.

Service delivery

Council (including its agents) will undertake control of these pests should they arrive in the region.

Council inspection

Council will conduct surveillance in places it believes are vulnerable to invasion by the subject species.

Pest curve BOPRC

The above pest infestation curve is used to help determine which control programme is most appropriate. The further to the left a pest is on the curve, the easier it is to control.

Once a pest becomes established and move to the right, the cost of control increases significantly and likelihood of eradication decreases.