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Self-assessment toolkit

As a landowner you'll face a range of challenges that, if left unmanaged, could undermine future production and the value of your land. Doing nothing could threaten the quality of your soil, crops, livestock and your lifestyle.

We have created a series of self-assessment toolkits that will provide you with information to help ensure your land remains productive and profitable, while ensuring water quality and biodiversity are protected or improved and erosion is controlled.

The toolkits cover erosion proofing, pollution proofing, weather proofing, pest proofing and soil health. The toolkits were originally developed for Tauranga landowners but the same principles apply throughout the Bay of Plenty.


The following toolkits are for anyone who owns a farm, orchard or land surrounding Tauranga Harbour. We hope you will find the information useful for controlling erosion on your land. Please contact a Tauranga Land Management Officer for free advice.