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Bylaws exist to protect, promote and maintain public health and safety and are created in response to the needs and concerns of our community. They evolve and change over time.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council always consults with the local community before adopting any new bylaw or reviewing an existing bylaw.

The Flood Protection and Drainage Bylaws 2020 provide protection from damage and misuse to flood protection and drainage infrastructure assets managed by or under control of Bay of Plenty Regional Council. The assets have been constructed to prevent damage, danger and distress to the community from river flooding and problems associated with a lack of drainage.

To find out if your property is within a bylaw applicable area and/or get advice on applying for a bylaw authority please complete the online form.

For additional information on these Bylaws and what they mean for you, visit the Flood Protection and Drainage Bylaws 2020.

Bay of Plenty's harbours, lakes and rivers are used by thousands of people every day for a wide range of activities. To help ensure these activities can co-exist safely, rules are set under the Navigation Safety Bylaw to help manage them.

The Rotorua Air Quality Control Bylaw was made by the Rotorua District Council, by resolution passed on 26th August 2010. Administration and enforcement of this bylaw was then transferred to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.