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egeria egeria

Aquatic pests

Unwanted freshwater pests like the invasive catfish and hornwort pose a serious threat to our rivers, streams and lakes.

Once in a waterway these pests can spread rapidly and destroy the environmental, recreational and aesthetic values of our waterways.

Find out more on the rules that apply when using the region's waterways and the need to self-certify that your vessel and trailer is free from pest weed and fish when using the region's boat ramps. 

Check, Clean, Dry

check clean dry

If you’re moving between waterways you can help to reduce the spread of freshwater pests by using the 'Check, Clean, Dry' method. Find out how to clean your equipment correctly.

Aquatic Weed Spraying

Te Arawa Lakes Trust are doing aquatic weed control operations intermittently from 20 May to 30 June 2024 in Lake Rotoiti, Lake Tarawera, Lake Ōkataina and Lake Rotomā. The aquatic weed control operations will involve use of the herbicide Diquat dibromide. Further details of these control operations including maps of all spraying sites can be found in the Aquatic Weed Control Operational Plan May/June 2024.

Any queries should be directed to Te Arawa Lakes Trust via