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Our places

The Bay of Plenty’s natural environment is special and unique. The region is well known for its clear blue skies, white sand beaches, lush green forest parks and stunning natural beauty.  

From Waihī Beach in the west through to Whakatāne and Ōhope in the east, as well as its vibrant geothermal areas, our region includes many harbours, estuaries, lakes and mountains. Most of us are familiar with the well-known tourist spots around our region:

  • Beautiful and majestic Mauao - which means 'caught by the light of dawn'.
  • Stunning geothermal areas,  from White Island (off the coast of Whakatāne and New Zealand's only active marine volcano) to Rotorua's lakes.
  • Some of the best beaches in New Zealand.
  • The magnificent Kaimai ranges in the west.
  • Island such as Matakana, Mayor (Tūhua), Mōtītī.
  • The Kāingaroa Forest -  the world's largest planted forest.