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Sustained control

A Sustained Control programme is implemented where a pest is well established and preventing its spread is no longer a realistic objective.

Management of the pest focuses on reducing its impact and its stopping spread to other properties.

Management Regime for the sustained control programme

Requirement to act  -  refer to the full Regional Pest Management Plan for specific rules that apply to this programme

Council will enforce sustained control rules as set out in Table 11 of the RPMP when required.
Council and occupiers may develop pest management agreements.

Service delivery

Council may undertake management of sustained control pests as part of its biosecurity programme.
Council will mediate between neighbours when required to ensure pest management between adjoining properties reflects equal effort.
Council inspection Council will follow up complaints received on sustained control pests and their management (or lack of).


Pest curve BOPRC

The above pest infestation curve is used to help determine which control programme is most appropriate. The further to the left a pest is on the curve, the easier it is to control.

Once a pest becomes established and move to the right, the cost of control increases significantly and likelihood of eradication decreases.