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The On-Site Effluent Treatment Regional Plan 2006 (OSET Plan) directs the management of domestic wastewater to protect water quality in the Bay of Plenty. On-site effluent treatment systems include septic tanks and associated soakage fields and advanced aerobic systems.

NOTE The new OSET provisions currently being developed for inclusion in the Regional Natural Resources Plan will eventually replace the On-Site Effluent Treatment Regional Plan.


In many parts of the Bay of Plenty, communities have been provided with sewers or reticulated wastewater systems. Where a sewer is available, you must connect. This is subject to the provisions of the Local Government Act 1974 section 459. Your District Council or City Council should be able to advise you if your area has been or is scheduled for reticulation.

There are maps of some areas where reticulation has been provided in the OSET Plan.