We work with the community to promote the sustainable management of natural physical resources. As part of this work we manage the environmental impacts of activities through the issuing and monitoring of consents.

The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) and Building Act 2004 form the foundation of the majority of our work. The Resource Management Act and Building Act Charges Policy (“Charges Policy”) sets out our charges under these Acts. To carry out our work under the RMA, we process resource consents, monitor and manage consented and other authorised activities and monitor the state of the region’s resources. The costs associated with this work are set under section 36 of the RMA and we pass these costs along to applicants and consent holders as outlined in our Charges Policy This covers everything from consent application fees and other consent monitoring charges. 

Fees and charges for 2020/21

Council decided on 24 March 2020 that no changes (including zero inflation change) will be made to our Fees and Charges for 2020/21. 

What our Charges Policy covers

  • Consent application charges.
  • Discount on administrative charges.
  • Charges for objections.
  • Annual consent charges.
  • Staff and travel charges.
Applicable Legislation: Resource Management Act 1991, Building Act 2004
Effective Date: 1 July 2019