Change 2 (Natural Hazards) is incorporated into the Regional Policy Statement (RPS) and become operative on 5 July 2016.

The Operative RPS incorporating Change 2 is available on the Regional Policy Statement page.

What’s in the change?

Change 2 inserts natural hazards provisions into the operative Bay of Plenty Regional Policy Statement. The change guides those preparing regional, city and district plans and considering resource consent applications in managing land use and associated activities according to their level of natural hazard risk.

On 2 June 2016 the Council approved Change 2 (Natural Hazards). Decisions on submissions on Change 2 had been adopted by Council on 30 September 2015 with one appeal which was resolved by consent order on 5 May 2016.

Provisions have been re-ordered and renumbered from the original notified version.

The following documents relating to Change 2 are available:

View information to do with the appeal

View the Council's Decisions on Submissions