The Policy on Regional Parks allows the Bay of Plenty Regional Council to secure land for use by the public. The policy gives priority to coastal peninsulas and spits, harbour headlands, salt marshes and land by lakes, rivers and wetlands.

The Policy on Regional Parks was developed to provide for the continued access to, and enjoyment of, the unique characteristics of the Bay of Plenty, by present and future generations. It was developed in conjunction with iwi and the community.

Key Objectives

  • Preserving the special character of and the quality of life
    in the Bay of Plenty; 
  • Enhancing public access to and enjoyment of the
  • Environmental education and interpretation; 
  • Engaging people in the protection and enhancement of
    natural and cultural heritage values.
Applicable Legislation: Resource Management Act 1991, Local Government Act 2002, Reserves Act 1977
Effective Date: November 2003