Find out what policies Bay of Plenty Regional Council has produced.

Regional Policy Statement

The Regional Policy Statement provides a framework for sustainably managing the region's natural and physical resources.

Council Protocol for Bay of Plenty RMA Policy and Plans

The Protocol - Policy and Plan Preparation, Change and Review describes when and how councils in the Bay of Plenty region consult in relation to Resource Management Act policy and plan preparation, variations and change.

Dangerous Dams Policy

This policy was developed to assist the Council reduce the risk of dam failure in the region.

Enforcement Policy

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council Enforcement Policy provides clear guidance on how our enforcement obligations are carried out when there's a breach of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Regional Parks Policy

The Policy on Regional Parks was developed in order to provide for the continued access to, and enjoyment of, the unique characteristics of the Bay of Plenty Region, by present and future generations.

Remission and Postponement of Rates

The Remission and Postponement of Rates Policy provides detail on active rates relief plans in place.

Resource Management Act and Building Charges Policy

The Resource Management Act and Building Act Charges Policy outlines how the Council recovers costs for administering the Resource Management Act in the region.

Revenue and Financing Policy

The Revenue and Financing Policy describes how Council will use revenue and financing sources to fund its activities.

Significance and Engagement Policy

The Significance and Engagement Policy enables Council and its communities to identify the degree of significance attached to particular issues, proposals, assets, decisions and activities.

Third Party Infrastructure Policy

The Policy on Third Party Infrastructure Funding guides Council decision making on applications for funding that are not owned by Council.

Triennial Agreement

The Triennial Agreement recognises the importance of local government authorities working together to improve the Bay of Plenty region.