The On-Site Effluent Treatment Regional Plan 2006 deals with the effects of domestic wastewater on water quality in the Bay of Plenty.

On-site effluent treatment systems include septic tanks and associated soakage fields and advanced aerobic systems.

The Plan and maps are available to download:


Plan Change 1 (Date Deferral for Small communities) incorporated 1 March 2011.
Plan Change 2 (Maintenance Zones) incorporated 12 August 2014.

Development of proposed Plan Change 14 - OSET

Bay of Plenty Regional Council is continuing to work through the development of Proposed Plan Change 14 – OSET.  It will include policies and rules to manage the safe treatment and disposal of domestic and non-domestic wastewater. The plan change covers septic tanks, greywater, composting toilets and aerated wastewater systems. The new provisions will eventually replace the existing On-Site Effluent Treatment Regional Plan and will be incorporated into the Regional Natural Resources Plan. The On-Site Effluent Treatment Regional Plan will be withdrawn when Plan Change 14 is operative.

Comments on Draft Plan Change 14 (On-Site Effluent Treatment - OSET) were sought from the public in 2018. The feedback received is now being used to develop the Proposed Plan Change. It is intended that the plan change will be notified in early to mid-2021.

If you have any questions or would like to meet to discuss Plan Change 14, please contact Jill Owen (Planner).

Draft Plan Change 14

View the draft change and supporting documents

What is the legal status of Draft Plan Change 14?

The Draft Plan Change document was for community consultation and has no legal effect. We wanted to know what the community thought about the draft rules so we can resolve any concerns before the rules are enforced. Feedback on the Draft Plan Change is now being used to develop a Proposed Plan Change.

Once Proposed Plan Change 14 is publicly notified, the new rules will have legal weight. Council can decide to delay when new rules will be enforced.

Under section 79 of the Resource Management Act 1991, the rules in the current Operative On-Site Effluent Treatment Regional Plan will remain in force while the draft is being considered.