Information about approved on site effluent systems.

Primary Treatment Systems

Manufacturer Model NZS 1546.1 Compliant Comment
Dart 5800 Dual Unknown  
Devan 3600 Yes 3200 litre capacity
Devan 5700 Yes 5250 litre capacity
Hynds 4500 Unknown  
NaturalFlow NF8000 Yes Vermifiltration
Oasis Clearwater Z54 Unknown 4800 litre capacity

Septic Tank Outlet Filters

Type 1 Type 2
Disc Dam Filter
Zabel A100 - 8x12
Screen Type Filters
Bioceptor Model 316-3
Biotube FT 0444-36M
Zabel A1800
Zoeller "WW" Residential Effluent Filter
Polylok PL122

Land application area

Primary treated wastewater can be discharged into trenches, beds or mounds. Here are some guidelines with details.

Aerated wastewater systems for anywhere in the region except Rotorua catchments

These systems can be installed anywhere in the Bay of Plenty Region with the exception of properties within the Rotorua lakes’ catchments.

Manufacturer Model   PERFORMANCE  
Type of Treatment Secondary Effluent Quality Advanced Secondary Effluent Quality  
Ecological Technologies Ltd Biorock -S series Packed Bed  
Findlater 5 x 5 (A2000) SAF Max 2000 litres per day
Everhard AquaNova (10EP) SAF    
Biolytix BioPod Vermiculture +TF    
Biolytix MultiPod Vermiculture +TF  
Devan Plastics Integra S-15 SAF   Max 1500 litres per day
Duracrete CleanStream TXR-1 RTF Max 1500 litres per day
Rx Plastics Airtech 9000 SAF  
Oasis Clearwater Environmental Systems Oasis Series 2000L SAF Max 1600 litres per day
Ecocycle Fusion RTF  
Biocycle Ltd Biocycle 8200 Ecolution SAF Max 1400 litres per day
Hynds Lifestyle 2 SAF  
GRAF Eclean 20 SBR  
Austin Bluewater AB2K SAF  
Environment Technology AES-38 Passive Bed  
Environment Technology AES-38R Recirculating Passive Bed  
Advanced WasteWater Systems Ltd AWS-3200-P SAF  
TechTreat TXT SAF/RTF  
Hydrozone Environmental PureFlow Ecosystem RTF  
Reflection Textile 5000 RTF  
Wormsmart NZ Wormsmart Plus Vermiculture +TF  
Biocycle Taylex 10EP SAF    

Aerated wastewater systems for all Bay of Plenty (including Rotorua)

These systems meet the requirement to reduce nitrogen to 15g/m3, for Rotorua installations.

Manufacturer Model   Secondary Effluent Quality Advanced Secondary Effluent Quality Nitrogen <15 mg/L


Advanced Lifestyle



Advantex AX-20


Tech Treat



Waipapa Tanks

Econo-Treat VBB C-2200-2

Submerged Fixed Film

Environment Technology


Recirculating Passive Bed

Advanced WasteWater Systems Ltd



Land application

Wastewater from an AWTS can be discharged to a Land Application Area through drippers. It is important that the drip lines are correctly installed and properly maintained. To help ensure that the installation and maintenance is correct we have developed some guidelines. Check out Using Driplines for Wastewater Disposal.