The Bay of Plenty is prone to flooding and one of our core roles at Regional Council is to help minimise the risk this poses to our people, property and livelihoods.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council owns and maintains many flood projection assets throughout the Bay of Plenty with a value in excess of $420 million including:

  • Over 380 km of stopbanks
  • Nearly 3km of concrete flood walls
  • 140 flood gates
  • 12 pump stations

Flood protection is expensive and one of the main issues our Council is facing is balancing the cost to ratepayers while maintaining and upgrading this infrastructure to keep up with the changes in our climate.

The high costs of repairing damage to the region’s river schemes after the 2004, 2010, 2011 and 2017 floods has raised questions around whether the current levels of service, scheme management and growing scheme funding requirements are sustainable into the future.

Flood protection will become increasingly important and we are constantly looking at different ways to protect and manage this in the decades to come, while minimising impacts on the environment.

Rivers and Drainage

We manage rivers and drains in the Bay of Plenty through several River Schemes. 

Flood Management

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council have a dedicated flood room which supports emergency flood response.

Flood Protection and Drainage Bylaws

Regional Council’s Flood Protection and Drainage Bylaws regulate and safeguard flood protection structures from modification, damage and misuse.

Flood protection explainers

We know that flood protection can be technical and confusing and so we’ve put together some videos to help explain key terms and structures.

Related projects

Rangitāiki Floodway and Spillway

The Rangitāiki Floodway upgrade is a multi-stage project designed to take pressure off the flood-prone Rangitāiki River by diverting some of its flow.

Rangitāiki River Floodwalls

Three concrete floodwalls on the Rangitāiki River are being replaced to ensure they continue to help protect our communities from flooding in the coming decades.

Whakatāne Town Centre Flood Defence Upgrade

We’re working at ways to protect the community from increased flood risk in the coming decades. This project aligns with Council’s strategic framework: Safe and resilient communities.

Safeguarding our Stopbanks

We’re currently doing some stopbank strengthening work along a section of the Whakatāne River Trail. This involves the removal of vegetation and structures which could impact the reliability of the stopbank.