We have a dedicated flood room set up for our flood team to work out of during a large scale flood event.

Flood room status

  • Activated – Flood team set up in the flood room. During a flood event you can call the team on 0800 884 881 ext: 9845.
  • Monitoring – Weather forecast indicates severe weather likely to affect the Bay of Plenty. Flood response preparations begin.
  • Deactivated – Fair weather forecast. Duty Flood Manager on call.

Flood team

Duty Flood Manager, Operations, Technical Support, Logistics, Information Hub.

The flood team works from a variety of locations across the region sending the latest event information through to the Duty Flood Manager.

24/7 on call Duty Flood Manager

  • Rostered on 365 days of the year.
  • Monitors weather forecasts, BOPRC rainfall and river level sites and coastal conditions.
  • Determines level of flood response and mobilises the flood team.
  • Issues flood warnings to rural landowners.
  • Works with BOPRC Operations staff who monitor the Council’s flood protection infrastructure.
  • Responds to queries and concerns from the public.
  • Liaises with District and City Councils, CDEM and Dam Operators.

Flood warnings

Should you be on a flood warning list?

Flood warnings are sent to landowners or the occupiers of properties on low lying rural land next to one of the seven major rivers within or adjacent to the river floodplain: Waioeka, Whakatāne, Rangitāiki, Kaituna, Otara, Tauranga, Tarawera.

Flood warnings

For more information about the Council’s river schemes refer to: www.boprc.govt.nz/rivers. If you live on a property in this area that has natural high ground you may not require a warning.

  • First warning level – the river level has reached its normal channel capacity.
  • Second warning level – the river has overtopped the river channel banks and has inundated the area (berm) next to river but is still within either a floodway or stopbanked part of the Councils river scheme.

First and second warning levels

  • Advise landowners to move stock from low lying areas adjacent to the river.
  • Refer to the Regional Council’s website for Bay of Plenty Regional rainfall and river levels.
  • Listen to the local radio station for further updates.

If you believe you own or occupy a low lying property please email: Engineering@boprc.govt.nz or call 0800 884 880 to discuss the suitability of receiving a flood warning from our team.

Event info

We'll keep you updated with recurring reports over a period of the event (advisories) as well as sitreps (situational reports) which detail the event's current and possible impacts.

Event updates are also available through social media in the following channels:

BOPRC media releases

BOPRC Twitter

BOPRC Facebook

Civil Defence Twitter

Civil Defence…


Below are some contacts for various flood related situations and information. 

  • For emergencies, please call 111.
  • For information on rainfall, river levels, river flooding, coastal flooding or flood schemes (stopbanks, floodgates, pumps), call us on 0800 884 880.

To get in touch with Bay of Plenty's Civil Defence Emergency Management:

Weather info

MetService offers comprehensive weather information and updates:


Bay of Plenty Regional Council monitors rainfall throughout the region. 

River levels

Bay of Plenty Regional Council monitors rivers throughout the region. 

Road closures

For State Highway issues or information:

City and district councils

For local roading issues, blocked culverts/drains, water/stormwater/sewerage issues:

Ōpōtiki District Council, (07) 315 3030

Whakatāne District Council, (07) 306 0500

Kawerau District Council, (07) 306 9009

Western Bay of Plenty District Council, (07) 571 8008

Rotorua Lakes Council, (07) 348 4199

Tauranga City Council, (07) 577 7000