Tauranga Harbour Catchments

Note: The majority of our Tauranga Harbour Catchments land management work reported below now falls under the new Focus Catchments programme as of July 2019, but is included here for completeness.

Individual Sub-Catchment Action Plans have been developed for 16 sub-catchment areas surrounding the Tauranga Harbour.

The Tauranga Harbour Sub-Catchment Action Plans below provide an overview of the land types and land use in the different sub-catchment areas. They have been informed by ground surveys and community consultation and have been used as a basis to set targets for land management work being carried out by Council over the following ten years.

A 2013-16 progress report on action plan delivery is also available for each sub-catchment below. See a combined progress report for all Tauranga Harbour sub-catchments here:

2012 Sub-catchment Action Plan 2013-16 Progress Report
Aongatete Sub-Catchment Action Plan Aongatete sub-catchment report 2013-16
Kaitemako Sub-Catchment Action Plan Kaitemako sub-catchment report 2013-16
Kopurererua Sub-Catchment Action Plan Kopurererua sub-catchment report 2013-16
Mangatawa Sub-Catchment Action Plan Mangatawa sub-catchment report 2013-16
Oturu Sub-Catchment Action Plan Oturu sub-catchment report 2013-16
Te Mania Sub-Catchment Action Plan Te Mania sub-catchment report 2013-16
Te Puna / Waipapa Sub-Catchment Action Plan Te Puna / Waipapa sub-catchment report 2013-16
Te Rereatukahia Sub-Catchment Action Plan Te Rereatukahia sub-catchment report 2013-16
Tuapiro Sub-Catchment Action Plan Tuapiro sub-catchment report 2013-16
Uretara Sub-Catchment Action Plan Uretara sub-catchment report 2013-16
Waiau Sub-Catchment Action Plan Waiau sub-catchment report 2013-16
Waimapu Sub-Catchment Action Plan Waimapu sub-catchment report 2013-16
Wainui Sub-Catchment Action Plan Wainui sub-catchment report 2013-16
Wairoa Sub-Catchment Action Plan Wairoa sub-catchment report 2013-16
Waitekohe Sub-Catchment Action Plan Waitekohe sub-catchment report 2013-16
Welcome Bay Sub-Catchment Action Plan Welcome Bay sub-catchment report 2013-16

Kaituna River and Ongatoro/Maketū Estuary Strategy

The Kaituna River and Ongatoro/Maketū Estuary Strategy 2009 was developed to celebrate and honour Kaituna River and Ongatoro/Maketū Estuary life as taonga. 

Ōhiwa Harbour catchment

The Ōhiwa Harbour Strategy identifies issues, key community values and aspirations, and recommends actions on how to take Ōhiwa Harbour and its catchment from where it is now, to where people want it to be in the future.

Rotorua lakes catchments

Lake Action Plans direct what steps need to be taken to improve lake water quality to meet communitys' expectations. Plans are in place for Okaro, Okataina, Ōkāreka, Rotoehu, Rotomā, Rotorua, Rotoiti and Tikitapu (Blue) Lakes.