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Diversity at Toi Moana

Champions for Change

The council has committed to working with Champions for Change - a group of over 80 New Zealand CEOs and Chairs, each with a personal mission to accelerate inclusive and diverse leadership in our workplaces.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council joined the programme in 2020, providing the organisation with a way to benchmark and monitor its progress in this area. 

Gender Pay at Toi Moana

There are broadly two areas which contribute to the difference in gender pay within society. Both these issues are a focus for the Champions for Change programme.

Issue one: There are typically fewer women in higher paid roles
Issue two: There are gender pay differences for those doing the same roles

Fewer women in higher paid roles – gender pay equity

At Toi Moana Bay of Plenty Regional Council, our pay statistics reflect this broader trend – however not at all levels of the organisation. At our Executive level we currently have four females and three males (as at 31 January 2023).

Overall, at Toi Moana we’ve seen an increase in the number of women in higher grade roles and more senior roles, which is reflected in the good progress we’ve made with the average pay for male/female staff across all roles. When we look at staff salaries across the organisation (across all roles at all levels), our female population is on average paid 9.97% less, which has reduced significantly in the past few years from a 16.7% gap in 2016.

We’re continuing to work to address this gap, through our inclusion and diversity work plan which aims to:

  • Show greater female representation across senior roles and role modelling
  • Developing a flexible working approach for all staff, as we’re aware that this is a key contributor to female representation in senior roles
  • Providing unconscious bias training and awareness raising so that females and other less represented groups are given fair opportunities for progress and employment.

Addressing gender pay differences for those doing the same roles – gender pay equality

In 2019 Toi Moana made significant changes to our remuneration approach to remove any opportunity for inequality in pay. We introduced a new Remuneration Policy, and we are now confident that on this issue we have gender equity so that irrespective of gender, people are paid equitably for doing the same role.

We believe that having equality in pay grades has been a positive for us here at Toi Moana.