Provide strategic and operational advice and direction for an integrated public transport system for Tauranga city and monitor implementation delivery.

The aim is to ensure that decisions in relation to all relevant parts of the transport system are taken collectively, and deliver outcomes that are greater than the sum of these parts. These outcomes are set out in the Urban Form and Transport Initiative (UFTI) Programme Business Case and Tauranga Transport System Plan (TSP).

This committee is currently being administered by Tauranga City Council. Visit the Tauranga City Council website.





Chair Anne Tolley

Deputy Chairperson

Cr Andrew von Dadelszen 


Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Tauranga City Council


Cr Paula Thompson
Cr Andrew von Dadelszen

Chair Anne Tolley
Commissioner Stephen Selwood


Two members, consisting of half the number of members, of which one must be from each respective Council.

Meeting Frequency

Bi-monthly or as required by the need for decisions.

 Appointment of the Chair and Deputy Chair and associated administrative support to be rotated between the two partner councils on an annual basis.