Five or fine:

You must travel at a safe speed at all times. Take into account: 

  • The manoeuvrability of your craft. 
  • Visibility. 
  • Wind and sea state. 
  • How busy it is on the water around you. 
  • Other water users. 
  • Hazards in the area. 
  • The depth of water. 
  • Remember the 5 knot rule.

Your boat must not exceed five knots when: 

  • Within 200 metres of the shore or a structure.
  • Within 200 metres of any vessel flying the International Code A Flag, for example, a dive flag. 
  • Within 50 metres of another boat, raft or person in the water. 
  • When the boat has anyone at or on the bow, with any portion of his/her body extending over the fore part, bow or side of the vessel.