Out at night?  Bring the light!

To help other boaties understand what you’re doing and which way you’re heading while you’re underway, your boat must display lights from sunset to sunrise and in rain and fog. Not using lights is dangerous and could result in a fine.

Vessels under sail

Over 20 metres: Sidelights and sternlights only - no masthead light.

Under 20 metres: Under 20 metres may have combined masthead lantern (red/green/white) with no other lights.

vessels under sail

Power driven vessels underway

Over 12 metres: Masthead light - sidelights and sternlights.

Under 12 metres: May show all-round white light (instead of masthead light and sternlight) and sidelights.

power driven vessels

Under 7 metres and speed over 7 knots: May show all round white light only.

Under 7 metres and speed under 7 knots: Non powered vessels under 7 metres i.e. canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and rowing dinghies must show a white light or use a torch to indicate its presence.

powered and non powered lights

At anchor

Vessels that are anchored must show the top white light at night.

at anchor