Be sure that you return safely from every trip, with information and advice on keeping yourself and others safe on the water.

A skipper's responsibility

No matter how big or small the boat, every skipper in New Zealand is responsible for the safety of t...

Bar crossing

Crossing a bar is one of the riskiest things you’ll ever do, no matter how experienced you are.

Boating courses

Let us help you choose from a range of theory courses, as well as practical power boating and sailin...

Buoys, marks and beacons and reserved areas

Read more about how to be safe around buoys, marks and beacons.

Communication tools

Communications equipment is an essential part of safe boating. If you can’t call for help, no one ca...

Equipment checklist

Ensure your safety when out on the water by following our essential equipment checklist.

Harbourmaster team

Our Harbourmaster and Maritime Team work to keep Bay of Plenty waterways safe for everyone to enjoy.


Check out the various maps below for Tauranga, Rotorua Lakes and Whakatāne harbours.

Radio frequencies, weather and tides

Tips on how to make distress calls on the VHF radio and TRs, also known as trip reports. See a list ...