We work with the community to promote the sustainable management of natural physical resources.

There are three key parts to our Regulatory Compliance work:

  • Compliance monitoring of resource consents.
  • Responding to environmental complaints.
  • Enforcing compliance with the Resource Management Act 1991, our regional plans and with national regulations and standards.

The Resource Management Act sets out how we should manage our environment and forms the foundation for the majority of our work. Our Regulatory Compliance Team enforces this Act and does so by monitoring resource consents, checking activities comply with regional plan rules and using enforcement tools when conditions are breached. The team also provide technical advice around contaminated land, waste, wastewater and industrial processes.

Our aim is to ensure development activities involving water, geothermal, air, land and coastal resources do not negatively impact on the natural environment or put people's health at risk.

Our Water and Primary Industry group concentrate on monitoring compliance across activities like agriculture, forestry, earthworks, dairying and wastewater. The group is also responsible for progressing work happening across the region to monitor and manage water use and for bringing unconsented water takes into compliance.

The Industry, Urban, Contaminated Land and Waste group is focused on the complex challenges associated with improving compliance amongst the industrial and energy sector, such as air discharges and stormwater management. The group also keep an eye on waste management initiatives across the Bay, and monitor compliance for contaminated land projects such as the Kopeopeo Canal.

The Investigations, Complaints and Reporting group is responsible for co-ordinating the Pollution Hotline, and following up on compliance issues. The group also look after our compliance reporting obligations, and pro-actively explore ways to improve how we undertake our various compliance programmes across the wider team.

Jess from our Compliance team on the job removing a logging truck from the Tautau Stream:

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