Do your bit to protect the lakes and rivers that you love.

All it takes is one tiny fragment of hornwort or a single catfish egg. If aquatic pests hitch a ride on your gear they can spread to previously unaffected waterways - choking our lakes and rivers, make them murky, and out-competing native wildlife.

Sadly some freshwater pests are already established in some of the Bay of Plenty’s lakes, rivers and streams and so the key is to stop the spread.

If you’re moving between waterways you can help to reduce the spread of freshwater pests by using the 'Check, Clean, Dry' (CCD) method:

  • Check all equipment and remove any weed fragments.
  • Clean all equipment that has come in contact with the water using a decontamination solution*
  • Drain all water by removing bungs or sponging out any lying water
  • Dry equipment thoroughly.

Do it between every waterway, every time.

Check your gear

Look for any bits and pieces of plants, fish eggs or even snails that might’ve hitched a ride.

Check any gear that has been in contact with the water including boats, jet skis, kayaks, lifejackets, ropes and paddles.

Remove any fragments and dispose of it in the rubbish.

Clean your gear

There's more than one option for cleaning your gear – choose the one that's best for your situation and your gear. * A decontamination solution is 5% any common dishwashing liquid/ nappy cleaner so 500mls is diluted to 10 litres of water. Alternatively dilute 2% household bleach. Make sure that you use a product that wont damage your equipment.

Drain water

Empty any ballast or lake water you may be carrying.

Dry your gear

If you’re moving to a new lake or waterway within the next 48 hours then make sure that you dry it in between. Do your bit and stop the spread.