We're replacing the existing Ford Road Pump Station to ensure that the pump can continue to maintain safe operation and current service levels.

Why are we doing this?

The Ford Road Pump Station is a key asset in the Kaituna Catchment Control Scheme and has been assessed as nearing the end of its useful life. It needs to be replaced with a new pump that meets modern standards.

The new pump station will reduce the risk of damage to people, property and pasture by clearing flood water within three days for all but the largest rainfall events. It will also support the productive use of low-lying land on the eastern side of the lower Kaituna catchment by maintaining ground water levels below the pasture root zone in the serviced area.

Flood protection is the first line of defence when it comes to reducing the impact of significant flooding, which is why we now have over $400M of flood protection defences across the rohe, such as floodwalls and stopbanks.

Find out more about our flood protection efforts.

This project involves removing the existing pump station at Ford Road and building a new one approximately 2km upstream. We will also be upgrading the drainage network by widening approximately 1.6km of the existing drains using a “two-stage channel design” and upgrading two existing box culverts and one farm bridge.

This project will be completed in three stages:

Stage 1 – Widening the drain network and upgrading the box culverts and farm bridge.

Stage 2 – Construction of the new pump station and outlet structure.

Stage 3 – Demolition of the existing pump station.

Once completed, the pump station will provide safe, reliable and efficient drainage while improving water quality, ecological health and allow safe fish passage.

Funding for this project was approved in the BOPRC Long Term Plan 2021-2031.

Regional Council has completed the Options Assessment phase for the Ford Road Pump Station replacement project.

We have been granted an Archaeological Authority and have submitted the appropriate consents for consideration.

We are currently procuring construction contracts for Stage 1, with works scheduled to start end of January/early February 2024.

The preliminary design for the pump station replacement is also being worked through. Regional Council is still considering two different types of pumps - referred to as the Axial Pump Option or Archimedes Pump Option. Both options are considered 'fish-friendly'. Investigations into capital cost and operational costs of each pump will be taken into consideration during this phase to determine which one will be used going forward.

Stream at Ford Road, Kaituna.