Bay of Plenty Regional Council manages the region's air resource so we can ensure the maintenance and/or enhancement of air quality, while taking into account the needs of both present and future generations.

We work with the Bay of Plenty community to ensure that the region's air is clean. You may need resource consent to carry out some activities that could affect the region's air quality.

A woman taking a breath of fresh air in the Bay of Plenty.

Air monitoring

We carry out environmental monitoring to meet the responsibilities of the Resource Management Act.

Ohope skies

Air quality

Bay of Plenty Regional Council must report any breach of the ambient air quality standards. This is required under the Resource Management (National Environmental Standards for Air Quality) Regulations 2004.

Rotorua air pollution

Air pollution

The Regional Air Plan aims to protect and improve this region’s air quality by setting rules for those who discharge contaminants into the air.

evening sky in Rotorua


National Environmental Standards were introduced in New Zealand in 2004 for air quality and it is our responsibility to ensure that they are met.

Air pollution in Rotorua

Clean air Rotorua

Rotorua has the worst winter air quality of any airshed in the North Island. The air quality in Rotorua exceeds the safe and acceptable level set by the Ministry for the Environment. 

Mt Maunganui air project

Find out about the work we’re doing in the Mt Maunganui industrial area to better manage air quality in the area.

Man spraying chemicals in the Bay of Plenty.


Due to weather conditions or the landscape, agrichemical sprays sometimes drift away from the target crop or area. This is known as spraydrift.