Changing how we collect rates

Since Bay of Plenty Regional Council was established in 1989 our rates have been invoiced and collected by the seven city and district councils across the region. 

Paying your rates

Key information about timings for the 2022/23 rates invoices and how and where you can pay your rates.

Direct debits

Setting up a direct debit is a secure, convenient way to pay your rates.

Receive your rates invoices by email

If you want to sign up to receive your rates correspondence by email, please complete this form.

Your invoice

When you receive your rates invoice (either by post or by email), you’ll receive two key documents – your Rates Invoice and your Rates Assessment.

What your rates pay for

Rates are used to create a healthy environment, freshwater for life, safe and resilient communities, and a vibrant Bay of Plenty region. 

Rates rebates and remissions

You may be eligible for a rates rebate, depending on your income, number of dependants and/or the type of building you own.

Buyers, sellers and solicitors

From 1 July 2022, your lawyer needs to contact Regional Council and your local city or district council to ensure rate balances are paid.

Rates for 2021-2022

Your rates are assessed annually. The schedule of rates charged are contained in the funding impact statement published in the Long Term Plan 2021-2031.

We’re making changes to rates

From August 2022 we're going to start collecting our rates ourselves. Since the Regional Council was established in 1989,  the seven district and city councils across the region have been doing this for us. We’re making changes so that you can get to know the work your rates help fund.

You can find out more about rates, including your rates for this financial year (2021/22), what your rates pay for, and how to sign up to receive your rates by email by clicking the links below.