At the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, our work guides and supports the region's sustainable development. 

This is focused around four outcomes we're working towards for the community; a healthy environment, freshwater for life, safe and resilient communities, and a vibrant region.

A healthy environment - We will maintain and enhance our air, land, freshwater, geothermal, coastal resources and biodiversity for all those who live, work and play within our region. We support others to do the same.

Freshwater for life - Our water and land management practices maintain and improve the quality and quantity of the region’s freshwater resources.

Safe and resilient communities - Our planning and infrastructure supports resilience to natural hazards so that our communities’ safety is maintained and improved.

A vibrant region - We work with our partners and communities to achieve integrated planning and good decision-making. We support economic development, understanding the Bay of Plenty region and how we can best add value.

Key strategic challenges

  • Different priorities and issues across the region.
  • The implications of changing climate.
  • Limitations of our natural resources.
  • Sustaining development across the region.
  • An increasingly complex operating environment.
  • Ensuring Māori participation in decision making.
  • Balancing the expectations of both national and local partners.

Long term plan

Every three years we produce a plan for our next 10 years work. Regional Council’s Long Term Plan (LTP) 2018-2028 was adopted on 28 June 2018, taking effect from 1 July 2018.

The Long Term Plan sets our direction as a council and establishes the work we will deliver to the community over the next 10 years, as well as setting out how that work will be funded, such as the setting of rates. It also acts as the Council’s Annual Plan 2018/19.