Our regional development work involves collaborating with Māori and a variety of community stakeholders to develop initiatives to improve the Bay of Plenty region - socially, culturally, economically and environmentally.

We want to make sure our region grows in a way that keeps its values safe for future generations.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council guides and supports sustainable development in our region by:

  • Growing the regional economy sustainably.
  • Promoting and funding infrastructure to meet the needs of industries, residents and the environment.
  • Improving the careers of residents and the successes of industries through education and training opportunities.
  • Promoting the region as a great place to invest, live and visit.
  • Adding value to industries within the region and building links with markets outside the region.
  • Contributing to a range of other factors that influence regional economic development including telecommunications and affordable housing.

SmartGrowth is a programme aimed at developing and implementing a plan for managing growth in the western Bay of Plenty.

Eastern Bay – Beyond Today is the spatial plan (or ‘development plan’) for the Eastern Bay.  Its aim is to provide a clear vision for the Eastern Bay for where we want to be in the next 30-50 years and takes a strategic view to our challenges and responding to future changes.

The Eastern Bay is the area covered by Kawerau, Ōpōtiki and Whakatāne districts.

Over the next 30-50 years there will be significant changes to technology, science, population demographics, society, the economy and the environment. We know we have current challenges to address and that there are global and local trends we need to respond to. We also know that we need to do things now that will sustain and grow our people and culture, economy, environment and infrastructure.

This is the first generation of Eastern Bay – Beyond Today to be developed, and it will be regularly refreshed as a result of new or improved information. Over time a clear ‘spatial’ understanding of the interactions between the economy, communities, environment and infrastructure will be developed. This will lead to better decisions and responses to our challenges and opportunities.

The Upper North Island Strategic Alliance (UNISA) is made up of seven councils who have committed to a long term collaboration for responding to and managing a range of issues facing the upper North Island. A particular focus of UNISA is taking a ‘New Zealand Inc’ approach and perspective, to ensure the upper North Island and New Zealand as a whole remains internationally competitive and prosperous.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council is a shareholder in BOPLASS Ltd, a Council Controlled Organisation owned by the councils in the Bay of Plenty Region. It has been set up to foster shared services between the participating councils.

This Regional Trends Internal Report gives a detailed statistical portrait of the Bay of Plenty. It shows the region's strengths and weaknesses and creates a benchmark to compare against from this point forward.