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Stay in touch with Antenno

Antenno is a mobile app that sends you alerts and notifications, about places and topics you care about.

There are two ways you can use Antenno; receive notifications from us about the places you have marked as important to you, or reporting back to us on issues or feedback.

Notifications from Council

Antenno lets you choose the places you want to be alerted about, so you're not being alerted about things that don't affect you. You can have multiple "Places" which could be the area you live in, work or where your holiday home is for example. You can expect to see updates from council on community events, matters up for consultation and much more.



Reporting back to Council

You can also get involved and report community issues or submit ideas with Antenno. Antenno is a useful channel that you can use to feed information back to us.

Who else is using it?

In the Bay of Plenty, depending on where the places of interest are that you have set up, you might also receive notifications from:

  • Tauranga City Council
  • Ōpōtiki District Council
  • Western Bay of Plenty District Council

This means you can also use the app to report issues to those councils. It’s clever enough to know where to send your report so it gets to the right people.

Download Antenno today

The app won't ask you for any personal information or login details, making it an easy download. It's free to download on your phone from:

Help and support

For help and support for the mobile app, please contact the Antenno team at