The Regional Safety and Rescue Services Fund (RSRSF) supports organisations that provide vital safety and rescue services to both local people in our community, and visitors to our region.

The Regional Safety and Rescue Services Fund is a new, centralised approach to the funding for safety and rescue service providers across the Bay of Plenty. As part of the 2018/19 Annual Plan and the 2021-2031 LTP, BOPRC consulted on the centralised funding approach and the introduction of a targeted rate and this received strong support from the community.

This centralised funding approach enables organisations to apply for funding for operating costs (not Capital) through one central process endorsed by Councils in the BOP region. The new regional approach provides opportunity for councils across the region to come together collectively and use their knowledge and capability to better support key safety and rescue services with a regional view. Previously RSRS organisations would obtain funding by applying to multiple bodies regionally and nationally, which was inefficient and resulted in key resources being spent on contacting and applying to these bodies for funding that could of actually be spent on service delivery to the community.

Funding applications will be considered by the Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Committee and funding recommendations will be made to Regional Council. Final funding decisions will be made through deliberations on the Regional Council Annual Plan 2022/23 in May 2022. 

Fund criteria

The beneficiary organisation must:

  1. Provide rescue services to residents of and visitors to the Bay of Plenty region.
  2. Be a charitable organisation performing rescue services in the Bay of Plenty region.
  3. Have had a form of existing funding arrangement with, or been referred by, a territorial authority within the Bay of Plenty region.
  4. Be a registered charity under the Charities Act.

Funding is only for:

  1. Contracts for services with individual units/clubs/areas.
  2. Operational costs of individual units/clubs/areas.
  3. Operational costs incurred by the umbrella organisation in supporting individual units/clubs/areas.
  4. Costs associated with coordination of regional rescue services across the region.
  5. Capital expenditure would not be funded.


The RSRS fund will open from 24 January and close on 4 February. 

Download the Application Form.

Any queries please email