Moorings for sale or lease in the Bay of Plenty region are listed on this page. To see the listings, select one of the areas shown below. If no locations are displayed below, it means there are currently no listings.

We administer these moorings on behalf of the individual owners. All negotiations for the sale of moorings are between the mooring licence holder and the purchaser.

If you would like to list a mooring, please select List a mooring below, then complete the form.


  1. All transfers and leases are subject to approval by the Moorings Officer. A new boat should not be placed on the mooring until authorisation has been given.
  2. Occupation in a mooring area is a permitted activity within the Coastal Plan and primarily to accommodate a Licence Holder’s vessel. The mooring’s worth is that of its components; the placing of the mooring is designated by the Harbourmaster’s office.
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