Damming and diversion of water in any waterbody or stormwater flowpaths or any alteration to an existing dam, may require a resource consent.

Please refer to the Water Quality and Allocation Chapter of the Regional Natural Resources Plan for the Damming and Diversion Rules, to identify if the volumes and flows proposed to be dammed can be undertake as a permitted activity or if resource consent is required.

Alternatively, call a resource consent planner for advice on 0800 884 880, or send a query to Consents.Queries@boprc.govt.nz

Building Consents

Any dam that is classified as a large dam in accordance with the Building Act 2004 requires a building consent in addition to a resource consent for the damming of water.

A large dam means:

  1. A dam that has an artificial barrier at a height of 4 metres or more that holds back water; and
  2. Holds a volume of 20,000 or more cubic metres of water or other fluid.

Further information on the building consents requirements for large dams can be found on the Waikato Regional Council's website, or contact:

Owen Smith | Project Manager - Building Act | Resource Use Directorate Waikato Regional Council
P: +64 7 859 0786
M: 021 2249585
Private Bag 3038, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240