Here you will find useful information to guide you through the consent process.



The process for getting consent will be easier if you know how the Resource Management Act (RMA) affects your project and what you need to do to have your consent approved.

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Consult, prepare and lodge your application

Consultation is best to be conducted early as it will help to shape your plan and then as your plan develops, consultation should continue.


Assessing environmental effects

Any effects, whether positive or negative, long or short-term, or when combined with each other, need to be identified.

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Assessing cultural effects

To fully understand the potential effects of a proposed activity on people and the environment, cultural effects must be addressed within the Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) section of a resource consent application.

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When a resource consent application is received by Council, we assess its environmental effects.


Consent Forms & Maps

The clearer you describe what you want to do and where you want to do it, the easier the process of lodging an application will be.