Protecting our environment from pollution is of the utmost importance to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

Pollution Hotline

The Pollution Hotline - 0800 884 883 - is a 24/7 service set up to receive calls regarding pollution related incidents relating to discharges to the land, water and air in the Bay of Plenty. It is always best to contact the Pollution Hotline at the time the pollution related incident is occurring and it is very helpful to be as descriptive as possible. For example, including a clear description of the time, date, location and details of the incident. All customer details are treated as strictly confidential.

Monitoring period 2017/18


Prevention and compliance

Bay of Plenty Regional Council has a responsibility under the Resource Management Act to control the discharge (or disposal) of solids, liquids or gases to the environment.


If you’re in Bay of Plenty and planning to carry out earthworks it’s important you understand the rules and protections you may need to put in place to minimise any impact to the environment.

Marine pollution

Bay of Plenty Regional Council is working collaboratively to improve and protect the region's marine environment.

Managing disaster waste

Bay of Plenty Regional Council, and protect partners Environment Canterbury and Waikato Regional Council, have been working together on the development of a tool to plan for and manage disaster waste.

Open burning complaints

Learn about best practice when carrying out an open burning, especially in preventing excessive smoke.

Spraydrift complaints

If spraydrift does occur and you are concerned about possible effects on health, animals or plants, phone our Pollution Hotline 0800 884 883.

Contaminated land

Across the Bay of Plenty thousands of sites have been identified as having the potential to be contaminated, or have been contaminated, from the use, application, storage or disposal of hazardous substances.