Common name: Hedgehog
Botanical name: Erinaceus europaeus
Management programme: Advisory

Why are they a pest?

  • Voracious omnivore with an good sense of smell, preying on invertebrates, frogs and ground nesting birds.
  • Has spikes and rolling in a ball as defence mechanisms.
  • Can carry some diseases such as Leptosporosis.

Where are they found?

Hedgehogs are found throughout New Zealand. They prefer lowland pasture scrub, shrubland and suburbia.

What do they look like?

Small nocturnal mammal up to 26cms in length with a body mostly covered in up to 6000 brown and white spikes.

What are the rules?


Council does not enforce the control of advisory species. It is landowner/occupier responsibility to manage these pests. Council may provide advice on how to manage or control advisory species if required.

How do you get rid of them?

  • Trapping 
  • Shooting - can be difficult as a small target

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Image credit: Ngā Manu