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Taheke, Group 3

The Takahe geothermal field is located adjacent to the north-west shores of Lake Rotoiti and east of the Kaituna River.

Surface features

Surface features in the area are characterised by waters perched in the Rotoiti breccia are heated by steam containing carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and ammonia. Features emerge from altered breccia and white to grey sinters. Waters range from clear to brown/black emerging at temperatures up to 98°C. There are areas of active steaming ground with sulphur, solfatara, silica residues, weak acid springs (Cody, 2007), and hydrogen sulphide gas detected in the west.

The Taheke Geothermal System classified as Group 3, allowing conditional development. Several shallow wells exist for domestic or minor commercial use. No routine monitoring of the surface features, outflows or heat are made

Use and development

High grade silica used as a pozzolanic cement extracted from residual amorphous silica deposits has been identified at Taheke.

Exploration of the field has been undertaken and is set to be expanded to identify the potential resource in this area for geothermal development.


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