Awakeri hot springs lie about 10 kilometres south-west of Whakatāne on the eastern margin of the Rangitāiki plains.

Today there is a motor camp and thermal bathing complex located in the area. Historically, cold and hot springs where channelled to holes in the ground for bathing and customary use.

Surface features

The historically active main spring known as Pukaahu, flowed at around 5 litres per second in the late nineteenth century (Maxwell, 1991). In 1945 two natural and one excavated spring existed. The springs had temperatures ranging from 58°C to 60°C and collectively discharged approximately 2.3 litres per second. The temperature of the main spring at present is around 56°C.

Use and development

Currently three bores are operational which provide waters in addition to the hot spring, feeding the pool complex. Use of geothermal water is currently limited to 440 cubic metres per day. Bore water temperature is around 65-68°C.


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