The following provides summary information on the main geothermal systems in the Bay of Plenty region.

For further information about Geothermal Systems in the Bay of Plenty, the current scientific knowledge of the geology, geophysics and chemistry, read the Bay of Plenty Geothermal Systems The Science Story.


Awakeri hot springs lie about 10 kilometres south-west of Whakatāne on the eastern margin of the Rangitāiki plains.


Located to the north-east of Kawerau within the Bay of Plenty Region, and partially underlies the township of Kawerau.

Lake Rotoiti

The mesotrophic Lake Rotoiti occupies in part an old drainage system from Rotorua basin into the Ōkataina Volcanic Centre (Haroharo Caldera).

Moutohora (Whale Island)

Moutohorā (Whale) Island is a protected geothermal system and lies about 8km off the Bay of Plenty coast rising to 353m above sea level.

Rotokawa - Mokoia

The Lake Rotokawa-Mokoia geothermal field lies approximately 7.8 kilometres northeast of Rotorua city.

Rotoma - Tikorangi

The Rotomā-Tikorangi geothermal system is nested within the north-eastern corner the Haroharo-Ōkataina volcanic caldera.

Lake Rotoma - Puhipuhi

This poorly known geothermal system is located 10 kilometres south of Lake Rotomā in the Tarawera River valley.


The Rotorua Geothermal System underlies Rotorua city from the southwestern end of Lake Rotorua to the Whakarewarewa Valley.


The Takahe geothermal field is located adjacent to the north-west shores of Lake Rotoiti and east of the Kaituna River.


The Tauranga Geothermal System is a large low-temperature geothermal system (between 30°C and 70°C) that shares similar aquifers as the cold groundwater resource.


The Tikitere-Ruahine geothermal field lies northeast of Rotorua adjacent to the western portion of Lake Rotoiti.


A protected system with numerous outstanding surface features of national and international importance.

Whakaari (White Island)

Whakaari/White Island lies 50 kilometres from Whakatāne off the Bay of Plenty coastline.