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Engaging with tangata whenua

Ko te wai te oranga o ngā mea katoa
Water is the life-giver and essence of all things

Regional councils are directed under the NPSFM 2020 to involve Māori in freshwater management, to the extent they wish to be involved. This extends beyond the preparation of a plan change and includes ongoing development of relationships and active participation by tangata whenua in the management of Freshwater.

Council staff are reviewing values and interests already expressed collected from previous discussions in other plan changes. Staff are continuing to meet with iwi and hapū on draft long-term visions for Te Mana o Te Wai, environmental outcomes and values in each Freshwater Management Unit. If you would like to talk to a member of staff please contact Stephen Lamb.

Te Hononga: the Regional Māori Engagement Plan

In 2020, Council approved Te Hononga, which sets out potential ways to involve tangata whenua in this journey and sets out the need to first ask tangata whenua how they would like to be involved.  We’ve met with many iwi and hapū about this since 2021 and some tangata whenua led projects are taking shape.

Te Kura Huna

Te Kura Huna incorporates Mātauranga Māori (traditional knowledge) in an explanation of how groundwater and the hydrological cycle works from a local perspective. It explores ground and surface water monitoring and mechanisms, geothermal, planning, consents and our work with tangata whenua.