The Rangitāiki-Tarawera Rivers Scheme covers the 3005kmRangitāiki catchment and the 984 km2 Tarawera catchment.

The Rangitāiki River is the region’s longest river at 155 kilometres while the Tarawera River is 65 kilometres.

This scheme includes:

  • 3 major flood gates
  • Over 600m of concrete flood walls
  • Over 130km of stopbanks
  • 1 pump station

Current projects

April 2017 Flood Repair Project

We're repairing the flood damage to our rivers and drains to protect people, property and livelihoods.

Rangitāiki Floodway and Spillway

The Rangitāiki Floodway upgrade is a multi-stage project designed to take pressure off the flood-prone Rangitāiki River by diverting some of its flow.

Rangitāiki River floodwalls

Three concrete floodwalls on the Rangitāiki River are being replaced to ensure they continue to help protect our communities from flooding in the coming decades.

Flood Protection and Drainage Bylaws

The Flood Protection and Drainage Bylaws are regulations that safeguard flood protection and land drainage assets from damage or misuse.

Advisory groups and forums

Rangitāiki-Tarawera Rivers Scheme Advisory Group

Membership of the Rivers Scheme Advisory Groups is representative of the different interests and locations within the scheme areas. 

Rangitāiki River Co-Governance Forum

The Rangitaiki River Forum was formed in May 2012 by law to protect and enhance the mauri (life-giving capacity) of the Rangitaiki River and its tributaries.

Scheme updates

15 days ago

Work recommencing on Rangitāiki Floodway

We are recommencing work on the Rangitāiki Floodway project on the outskirts of Edgecumbe in the section located between SH2 and Mclean’s Road.

Please take extra care on the roads around the site, we’ll be taking extra care too.

We're doing this work to improve how water travels down the floodway which will reduce the pressure on the Rangitāiki River stopbanks during large flood events.

2 months ago

Progress on the Thornton School Floodwall

We are making good progress on replacing three concrete floodwalls on the Rangitāiki River to ensure they continue to help protect our communities from flooding in the coming decades.

We’ve now finished most of the work at the East Bank Road site near Thornton School after completing the Greig Road stopbank earlier in the year.

Conversations with affected landowners are continuing at the remaining site - 87-109 College Road - with work expected to begin in the new year.

4 months ago

Work on East Bank Road Floodwall continues during Alert Level Four

Given all the flood prevention works that occurred last year, there is only one essential engineering project operation that is continuing through Alert Level Four - that is the Waiotahi contractors work at East Bank road, Thornton. The rationale is that the stopbank there is currently half constructed and cannot be left in a vulnerable state in case the river rises in a rain event.

4 months ago

Progress on the East Bank Road floodwall

Take a look at the progress we’ve made on upgrading one of our floodwalls on the lower Rangitāiki River: