Bay of Plenty Regional Council maintains and enhances our air, land, freshwater, geothermal, coastal resources and biodiversity for all those who live, work and play within our region. We support others to do the same. A healthy environment is central to what we do. We sustainably manage our natural resources so our communities can thrive. We develop and implement regional plans to protect our natural environment.

Maps and data

Bay of Plenty Regional Council collects environmental data from all over the Bay of Plenty to help us, and others who use it, make good decisions about managing our resources.

Resource consents

The resource consents activity processes and makes decisions on resource consent applications. 


We manage the region's air resource so we can ensure the maintenance and/or enhancement of air quality, while taking into account the needs of both present and future generations.


Protecting our environment from pollution is of the utmost importance to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.


The geothermal resource in the Bay of Plenty is made up of more than 10 geothermal areas, including the Waimangu, Rotorua, Tauranga and Kawerau systems, as shown on the map below.

Climate change

The challenge facing us in regard to climate change is what we do about it: defining our role and identifying where we can have the most influence and impact.  


We have developed the Regional Pest Management Plan (RPMP) as a tool to actively manage pests throughout the region.


Our land is a non-renewable resource, therefore we need to protect it and use it wisely.  Bay of Plenty Regional Council works with landowners to manage and protect the region's soils, water and wildlife.

Coast and ocean

Nearly all of the coastal marine area in our region is common marine and coastal area meaning it is not owned by any individual or organisation.

Fresh water

Fresh water is a precious resource that we help to manage and protect. Freshwater (our rivers, lakes, streams, wetlands and groundwater) is essential to life, work and play; it sustains the things we value.


We are leading work to address harbour issues. We work with community care groups and other organisations to ensure that our harbours are safe, healthy environments for all to enjoy - now and in the future. 


We provide a quality, IANZ accredited and MoH approved laboratory service to collect and analyse samples using a range of accredited chemistry testing.