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Active Remediation notification form

Notify us of any remediation of contaminated land under condition (c) of Rule DW R24 (Rule 34).

Submit a Site Validation Report

Use this form to submit a Site Validation Report (SVR) following remediation of contaminated land under condition (g) of Rule DW R24 (Rule 34) Permitted – Active Remediation of Contaminated Land.

Submit an official information request

Complete this form if you would like submit an official information request.

Regional Infrastructure Fund

The Regional Infrastructure Fund has been established to promote sustainable regional economic development, and promote environmental protection and enhancement that supports sustainable regional economic development in the Bay of Plenty.

Ballance Farm Environment Awards

The Ballance Farm Environment Awards recognise and celebrate good farm practices which promotes sustainable land management through an annual awards programme.

Apply for a navigation safety licence

Use this form to apply for a Navigation Safety Licence under the Bay of Plenty Regional Navigation Safety Bylaw 2017.

Apply for an aquatic event permit

Use this form to apply for an aquatic event permit.

Apply for harbour usage

Use this form to apply for permission to use a harbour in the Bay of Plenty.

Submit annual land use records

Under Plan Change 10 landowners of both 10 to 40 hectare properties and over 40 hectare low intensity properties are required to submit annual land use records.

Submit a forestry notice

Submit a forest activity notice to obtain permission for forest activity you are planning.

Community funding

Find out about support we offer through funding and scholarships.