Call the Pollution Hotline 0800 884 883 and tell the Pollution Response Team about any damage you see to the environment. They are on call 24/7. 


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PLEASE NOTE:  If your issue is urgent, call us on 0800 884 883 so we can respond to your issue immediately.  The form should only be used for non-urgent reporting of issues.

Your right to report pollution confidentially is important to us. Personal details (your name, address, phone number) are never released to anybody.

Regional pollution concerns

  • Air
    • Bothered by offensive odour, billowing black smoke, spray drift or dust clouds?
  • Land and water
    • Concerned about rubbish dumped where it shouldn't be, chemical or oil spills on land or in the water, dead animals in your local stream?
  • Coastal
    • Seen an oil slick, chemical or sewage spill, rubbish dumped in the sea?   

What to do

Call the Pollution Hotline at the time the pollution related incident is occurring. All calls are treated as confidential.

  • Please give your name and phone number so you can be contacted if further information is needed.
  • Describe what you think the pollution is.
  • Describe where the pollution is.
  • Who do you think may be causing the pollution? 
  • Have you talked to any other agencies e.g. fire service or councils about the pollution?

For more information on the health impacts and symptoms from accidentally coming into contact with contaminated water, land or air please phone 0800 221 555 or visit the Toi Te Ora (Bay of Plenty District Health Board) website below.

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Please note your contact details will be kept strictly confidential. Anonymous complaints will be treated with lower priority.