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Direct debit authority form

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Setting up a direct debit is a secure, convenient way to pay your rates.

Please fill out the form below to set up your Direct Debit Authority. 

Please don’t set up an annual direct debit if you have rates owing for this year as it won’t be processed until next year’s rates are due (20 October 2024). Instead you can pay the balance manually or set a weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit.

If you do not have sole authority (see below) or would prefer to complete a hardcopy Direct Debit Authority form please download and complete the paper version of this form and return it to us.

To have your property details filled out automatically, please use the property search. Your property details will also be found on your previous city or district council rates invoices.

Instructions to Accept Direct Debits

Property details

Valuation reference

Property location address

Legal description

Contact details
If supplying an international phone number, please use the prefix 00 before your country code (e.g. 0064 not +64).
Bank account details
Enter your bank account number.

Allow at least ten (10) working days between the date that you submit these Direct Debit instructions and the date of your first payment. These payments will continue until you contact Bay of Plenty Regional Council to suspend or cancel them.

I/We authorise Bay of Plenty Regional Council (the "Initiator"), using Authorisation Code 0655877, until further notice, to debit my/our account with all amounts which the Initiator may initiate by Direct Debit. I/We further authorise my Bank to accept these Direct Debit instructions only upon the Direct Debit Terms and Conditions.


I/We confirm I/we have sole authority over the bank account nominated above. I/We also confirm that I/we have read and agree to be bound by the Direct Debit Terms and Conditions and Website Terms of Use.


NB: Sole authority is defined as any one person who is a nominated account signatory that can operate the account alone, as per the account mandate instructions. Please check with your Bank if necessary.

See our privacy statement (which is available in hardcopy on request) to understand how we collect, use, protect and share your information. Please contact us if you do not agree with our privacy statement.

A notification will be sent to you at the email address provided above within five (5) working days confirming that the Direct Debit Instruction has been actioned. If you wish to have direct debit notices sent to your postal address, or if you wish to query, amend or cancel these instructions please contact us or call 0800 BOP RATES (0800 267 728).