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Volunteer planting Volunteer planting

Impact Areas

In our Long Term Plan we’ve identified three key areas where we’re looking to make the most impact with our community, with the resources we have, and within the role we’re tasked to do by Central Government.  

A brief description of these three impact areas is below, but you can also read more about the work plan we’ve set ourselves in our Long Term Plan 2021-2031.

maori carvingPartnerships with Māori

The Treaty principles and the partnership upon which it is founded are an established part of our local government framework. As Treaty partners, Māori hold a unique role in shaping and contributing to regional leadership and direction.

Collectively, Māori contribute significantly to the region through ownership of notable assets: economic investment initiatives, participation in co-governance arrangements with councils, and a growing influence in natural resource management.

We are focused on continuing to work collaboratively with Māori over the next 10 years, as key contributors to strategic direction and leadership in the region.

plantingCommunity participation 

Community participation is a critical element of local government. We’re focusing on ensuring that we engage with a representative sample of the community so that we meet the needs of all our region’s communities.

We’re also looking to transform how we work with volunteers – we know how valuable the work they deliver is in terms of environmental and cultural wellbeing.

We’re looking at increasing participation in our work and decision making by doing more with our communities.

This includes getting your perspectives and thoughts, but also supporting you to deliver some of the work we do through community and volunteer groups.

stormy skyClimate change

On 27 June 2019, Regional Councillors acknowledged climate change as a serious issue for the region by declaring a climate emergency and making a commitment to work with the community on transitioning to a low carbon future and adapting to our changed climate. We recognise the importance of our leadership and advocacy role, and in addition we are committing to:

Supporting new and additional community initiatives

  • Working with other local authorities as they engage with their communities
  • Engaging with sectors and industry to find solutions
  • Exploring ideas and opportunities with others
  • Sharing our information and knowledge